Silver Statement Necklaces To Wear This Year

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your jewelry but are still looking for something that is eye-catching, then we have some ideas for you. We gathered silver statement necklaces that are cost-effective and fashionable.

Silver Statement Necklaces To Wear This Year 2022

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Silver Statement necklaces are retro, glam and fashionable. They’re a great way to give your wardrobe an instant update. In the late 70s, the punk rock movement took over the world. With it came a new form of fashion which included silver statement necklaces. Worn by everyone from movie stars to punk rockers, many people feel that silver statement necklaces are a cool way of adding some edge and flair to your outfit. The current trend is back to vintage fashion; these pieces are prime examples of why that is happening!

The Little Black Dress always has a place in any wardrobe, but with a Silver Statement Necklace it is even more fashionable! Silver Statement necklaces are one of the hottest pieces to wear with your little black dress. Here we have chosen to feature a simple silver chain as well as a classic choker necklace which is both stylish and modern.

Another popular trend for this season is the addition of layered necklaces. Mix and match different styles for an eclectic look or keep it simple with one statement piece.

Neck chains are in high fashion this season; they’re cute, easy to wear, and easy to layer! These pretty pendants add style as well as highlight your outfit for an elegant touch.

Silver Statement necklaces, especially choker necklaces, are all the rage! Often complimenting a black dress, white t-shirt and high heels this season is a great look.

The beauty of a statement necklace is that it can completely change your outfit from an average look to something more extraordinary. This overview will give you a good idea of what is available on the market and how you can wear them to suit your outfit for any occasion.

Chains are always a great choice and can be worn with anything, but if you want something that is more on the edgy side, take a look at our pick of the best silver statement necklaces.

1. Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces are the most popular today and consist of a long chain which fits tightly around the neck or hangs just above it, depending on your preference and tastes. They revolutionized in recent years as they were worn even by Hollywood celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, who wore one when singing “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” in Moulin Rouge.

2. Stackable Necklace

A stackable necklace consists of several necklaces that can be stacked together to create a completely unique look. Stackable necklaces can be worn with all sorts of outfits from casual to formal and everything in between.

You can find vintage inspired necklaces from major jewelry companies like Tiffany. For example, the classic Tiffany necklace is usually a heart-shaped locket with a chain extending below the heart. You can also choose your own pendant to be placed in the middle of the chain or wear several chained necklaces without pendants.

3. Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry describes an accessory that makes an outfit stand out among others because of its uniqueness and extravagance. Top pieces of statement jewelry include statement earrings, but also necklace chains and rings can fall into this category as well if they are made from materials like gold, silver or diamonds.

You can find statement necklace chains in various lengths and depending on the length of the piece, you can also choose a different necklace to wear with it. For example, if you opt for a long chain, you could wear your favorite pendant as well.

Another popular accessory is the biker necklace. It is meant for bikers and comes in various designs including alligator jewelry (also known as alligator clips), although not everyone has this taste. However, it is still possible to put in a pendant without alligator clips with one of these alternative designs below:

4. Statement Necklace with beautiful stone

This dainty necklace has an adjustable chain so it will sit perfectly around your neck and won’t get in the way of anything else in your wardrobe. It has a large center stone, combined with other smaller ones scattered around.

5. Silver Statement Necklace with geometric shape

This silver statement necklace has three geometric shapes with a central drop that is suspended from the chain. It is made from lightweight iron, so you won’t even feel it on your neck.

6. Silver Statement Necklace With large plated disc

This statement necklace has an intricate design that consists of four brass studs, surrounding a large silver-plated disc on the end of the chain. The piece itself is quite delicate and will sit nicely around your neck without being too heavy or obtrusive.

7. Statement Necklace With slim design

This statement necklace is both lightweight and slim, which means it will be able to fit into any outfit that you want. It is made from a silver plate and has a small leaf setting at the end of the chain.

8. Statement Necklace with large stones

This statement necklace has an adjustable chain making it suitable for those that are petite or not too fussy about their size, so it will sit perfectly around your neck without being too noisy. It has larger stones scattered across the length of the chain.

9. Statement Necklace with large central stone

This statement necklace has a large central stone with smaller ones scattered around. Its curved shape makes it easy to fit into any outfit and it will be able to sit comfortably round your neck without being too heavy or in the way.

Silver Statement Necklaces To Wear This Year 2022

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Silver Statement Necklaces To Wear This Year 2022

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Silver Statement Necklaces To Wear This Year 2022

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Silver Statement Necklaces To Wear This Year 2022

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It is always hard to find good quality silver jewelry for a reasonable price, and if you aren’t too fussy about size then these six silver statement necklaces will be sure to catch your eye. What do you think of our pick? Let us know in the comments.

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