Midi Length Skirts Style Trend

Midi skirts become favorite fashion item this season. Retail site Net-a-Porter reported their  midi skirt  sold 10 percent faster than other skirt style. Asos site also revealed, midi skirts sales rose 200 percent during the past year. Stage in the fashion collection by Victoria Beckham, Dries Van Noten, Derek Lam and Topshop, you can observe how your own midi skirt trend nowadays. Despite being the trend, but the length of the skirt often confuse the wearer and also designers. Too long will make the legs look shorter, while the skirt is too short so just regular pencil. Then what kind of midi skirts and modern look right? Here are some of midi length skirts style ideas.

Liz Jones, fashion observers of the Daily Mail revealed midi skirt the right length at least four inches below the knee. So no one mixing and matching, Liz also gave some tips. According to him, midi skirts may be out of date if the wrong mix and match. Flat shoes are not a perfect match because it will make the legs look shorter. Boots are also not recommended, unless you have a tall slender body and long legs like a model. Material skirt also influential. Material that is too thick and heavy like wool can not form a silhouette that makes the wearer look fat and straight. Linen material is also not recommended. Should select materials from cotton, chiffon or spandex. Midi length skirts are cool style to be chosen as your style.

Although the midi skirt trend also in the 70s, but there are more modern ways to use it. Take the example of Derek Lam collection this season. The models wore skirts on the hips rather than high-waist style. So do not hesitate to buy one size bigger. Pair midi skirt with a crop top or blouse with a lighter material so not too formal. Avoid large game motif and many colors. Choose a light color if you still want style with print. So, now you ready to be stylist in midi length skirts trend.

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