Beautiful Denim Skirts Styles

Mention of denim and jeans often cause confusion. There are some people who call jeans, others say denim pants, denim jackets or denim skirt. Is denim jeans can be called, or vice versa? Denim and jeans can be said to be different. Denim is a type of material, while the jeans are made of denim products. The denim is the fabric, jeans was the product of (historical) denim. Denim comes from a town in France, called Nimes. This material was originally called Serge de Nimes, then later shortened to denim (de NIMS). Denim is a sturdy cloth material made of cotton twill. The texture similar with carpet but thinner and smoother. First created, denim has only one color which is indigo color. But as the development of the times, made other colors such as black, gray, white, khaki, and bright colors including pink, green and blue light. Here are some of beautiful denim skirts pictures.

Become stylish from head to toe is not wrong if you do it with proportions. Particularly beautiful denim skirts, there is a special trick to combine with the tops. First, consider the proportion of denim that you wear. If intending to wear clothing made from denim, use another accent from denim material or simple accessories. For example, don’t wear a light denim skirt with a denim top. But mix with a casual denim bag or shoe laces denim. Denim styles still look strong and was not excessive. If you still want to wear two denim outfit as well, which needs to be considered is the color selection. Try not to wear two colors (top and bottom) the same as well. Should select two items with a different tone. Light blue denim vest is very stylish when worn with a white T-shirt and dark blue denim skirt. Note the type of denim material that will be used. Denim is very diverse, there are light some are heavy and stiff. When you have been wearing a jeans skirt with a rigid material should wear denim tops with lighter material. This is to avoid the impression of ‘heavy’ on your appearance.

Be changed mention denim jeans were first made by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss (Levi’s) in 1873. Jeans originally designed for cowboys and blue-collar workers in the era of the 50s. But more and more popular in the 80s to the present and imposed ranging from children, teens and adults. From the general public, celebrities up when officials want to look casual. While the denim in the present, is more often used to refer to a series of clothing made from these materials. For example, a denim skirt, denim jacket, denim dresses, denim skirts, denim shoes or handbags. But now this notion has begun to blend jeans. People can now call with denim jeans, although it literally means differ. So, denim or jeans, although it has a different meaning, but has become a sort of ‘language’ which is universal among users and lovers. There is no need to mess around or complicated by the use of the two words, just wear your beautiful denim skirts with confident.

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