Victorian Era Costume Style Ideas

When attending a costume party, make sure you do not either choose a costume that actually makes an appearance to derision. To help you, here are some ideas and guidelines that can be used as guidelines in choosing a costume for a party. The first thing to note is the theme of the event. If the theme of formal or semi-formal event, do not wear super mini costumes that expose too many areas of the body and does not vary much with lingerie. If you want to look tempting, try to imitate fashion era in European monarchies, known as Victorian style. Luxurious and elegant. That impression of Victorian nuanced fashion that is now popular again. Velvet, ribbons, and lace become the dominant material. These followings are victorian era costume that can be considered as your style.


victorian era costumes for women



victorian era costumes


This time, costume ideas that will be show you are the golden age of the empire in Europe. Especially during the Baroque and Rococo in 1800. This article will show you victorian era costume. To display the splendor of royal European style in the past, you can choose to use materials such as lace, chiffon, duches, or silk with embrodery details, layers, rosses, ribbons or drapery. The ruffle can be used on your ball gown design too. Corset is also one of the characteristics of Victorian era dress. Corsets became mandatory underwear Victorian era women used behind ballgown. Victorian era silhouette that accentuates curves also apparently attracted the attention of modern urban women. Now, not only underwear corsets were once seen as a symbol of women’s inferior status. Corsets have become part of fashion trends, and even used as outer wear. Victorian style in order not to seem too heavy, just wear a nuanced fashion element velvet or lace. Clothing that uses materials velvet or lace fine should be washed with clean dry way. This is to avoid clothing changes color or shape. For men, high collar and ruffles dominated the style of dress and vest-style Victorian.


victorian era costume



victorian era costume ideas

Release your imagination to think uniquely and creatively. Just leave the old grip-grip dressed as a witch, a cat, or a princess for Halloween dogeng. There is only one word for it: boring. Make it more exciting, find a partner to share the madness at your costume party. Feel free to look all out, complete with hairstyle and make-up was fantastic. When else can she cried calls without fear of being labeled ‘bizarre’ by others? You and a partner can be styled like a queen and king of the victorian era. Victorian era costume is good and captivating choice for you to wear in party with your partner.