Victorian Dress For Girls

In recent years, the designers began to actively produce clothes for children as it seems the market for children’s clothing wide open. Now these children and adults alike to explore the potential of fashion. Perhaps the most prominent trend to surge this year is themed fancy, practical and elegant for children’s clothing. This trend may be an effect of Suri Cruise, where girls and mothers, of course, they want to wear cool clothes. Many styles for girls clothing that can be emulated. One of these victorian style. But victorian style in girls mostly leads lolita style. Here are some examples of victorian dress for girls fashion.


victorian dress for girls



victorian dress for kids


Lolita word originally comes from the title of a novel by Vladmir Nabokov 1955. Japanese people translate the word Lolita as a child or a baby doll that seemed cute, funny, pretty, and cheerful. In Japan, this style has emerged in the ’70s. It is not yet popular. This new style popular in the 1990’s to 2000’s. Therefore, lolita dresses for women boy became a hit in 2012. This fashion aesthetic somewhat adheres to the concept of the 80’s fashion style. Victorian dress for girls are cute as it is. Victorian dress or lolita dress looks especially cute and charming, perfect to be worn as a party dress for your daughter.


victorian dress girls



victorian dress for children


There are many styles that can be chosen in lolita style. Classic Lolita, inspired fashion girls Victorian era, baroque, and rococo are still pristine. His style is more mature with floral accessories, off white or dark colors. Potonga dress also highlight the slimness wearer’s body. Unlike other lolita style that often use bell-shaped skirt, classic lolita using A-shaped skirt. For make-up, more in tune with classic lolita make-up and natural dark colors like brown and gray. Next style, Sweet Lolita (or amaloli), the impression you’ll get from this performance should be as sweet as possible. Clothing generally wear overalls knee-length skirt. The color is pastel pink, blue, cream, and red. Accessories complement is stuffed (usually teddy bear). Or you can choose Country Lolita. Basically the style is not far from the style amaloli. The dress is in use that newfangled usually bell-shapped skirt and plaid or fruit / flowers pattern. accessories used are the fruit basket (sometimes with fruit buahanya) and a wide-brimmed hat. This style offers rustic innocence girl europe. So, which victorian dress for girls would you choose?.