Transparent Shoes Trend, Christian Louboutin 2013

When it comes to celebrity favorite high-heels, Christian Louboutin is the answer. Distinctive shoes with red soles that are also issued pointy heels with transparent detail on the side, and neon colors for the front and strap at the ankle in the summer collection. Immediately, these gorgeous shoes so coveted celebrity, ranging from J.Lo, Rihanna, and many more. This is the Louboutin transparent shoes trend that are so sought after celebrity.

1. Jennifer Lopez


transparent shoe trend


Currently celebrating birthday 43 years, J.Lo looks walking around with a pair of red louboutin transparent shoes trend. Shoes are often called transparent cap-toe pumps paired with the Tom Ford dress is also red.

2. Rihanna


transparent shoes trend


Blending dress shoes with matching color also made Riri while attending the Grammy Awards last year. He was wearing a low cut black dress from Giorgio Armani and Louboutin the same color.

3. Solange Knowles


transparent shoes trend women


Sister of singer Beyonce also chose black color for cap-toe Louboutin shoes pumps hers. Female 26 years old who is also a profession with his brother was wearing a white T-shirt paired with a black skirt and lace asymmetric turquoise clutch bag for matching black shoes.

4. Beyonce Knowles


louboutin transparent shoes trend


Just like her sister, Solange who loves these shoes, Beyonce was also spotted with red Louboutin shoes. Not used to the red carpet or a formal event, Beyonce actually wear it while watching a basketball game. Paired with a black shirt, leopard pants and red shoes are a touch different in appearance.

5. Kristen Stewart


transparent shoes trend 2013


Twilight actress who reportedly broke up (again) with Rob-Patz was a touch of neon color in the basic alloy colored clothing. White blouse and gray pants became more stylish thanks Louboutin shoes that add color yellow.

6. Rachel Weisz


christian louboutin transparent shoes trend


Rachel Weisz looks wearing transparent of Christian Louboutin shoes while attending the premiere of the movie “The Bourne Legacy” at the Ziegfeld Theater New York City. Weisz is also seen wearing a tube dress from Christian Dior black which makes it look more elegant.

So, not only clothes that can make a woman look more attractive, but also shoes is one of the important things to support your appearance. Just like clothes, shoes also continues to experience growth, both in terms of models or even in terms of color. Especially now that many shoe designers are vying to create an attractive design and comfortable shoes to wear. Annually shoes had been developed. Similarly, in the year 2013, many of the designer shoes, design shoes are unique and interesting. Trends in women’s shoes in 2013 can be categorized into two, namely in terms of shape and color terms. Heels and transparent straps become a trend in 2013. Heels and transparent straps also provide a place for transparent plastic shoe, thereby also providing creative freedom to designers to be creative shoe design transparent shoe. When we wear transparent shoes trend provide a unique effect for the wearer.