Simple Easy Nails Designs

Every person has a different nails. So that your fingers look more beautiful, you can shape it with a different nail shapes. But you also need to understand that not everyone is suited to a particular type of nail shapes such as oval. It depends on the width of the surface of your fingernails. Once you know what type of nail shape that suits on you, you can decorate your nails with a simple design and easy but still interesting. In this article you will see some nail design ideas are simple and easy. Here, some of simple easy nails designs following picture.


simple easy nails designs



easy nails designs at home



easy nails designs for beginners



easy nails designs


Polkadot design can be created with the help of dotting tools. This style is one of simple easy nails designs. To abstract effects you can use the help of tape which had been set up with the design you want. Before discussing the shape of the nail what is suitable and fit for your fingers, it would be nice if you know in advance the kind or kinds of nails, among others are: Model Oval nails, these models pointed and oval shaped which gives the impression of elegance to the fingers . To get nail shape like this, griping the side of the nail and shape your nails to form an oval. Square, the nail shape is a classic shape with the French side and a straight nail-shaped tip bracket. Nail shape is very suitable for you who have a wide nail surface. Square Oval (Squoval), Squaoval nail shape is similar to the shape of the nail Square but the difference is that the edges rounded (rounded). This nail shape combines elegant oval shape and form of the Square seemed stiff. Nail shape is very popular and most frequently chosen.

Round, nail shape is generally owned by men, and every person who likes nail shape is simple and neat. To have a nail shape like this, you simply cut your nails according to the shape of your fingertips. Point / Almond, nail shape is very popular and is usually chosen by the nail artist to create nail art designs. The advantages of this form is to give the impression nail trim on your fingers. If the surface of your fingernails width should you choose nail shape Squoval. Whereas if the surface of your nails should narrow you choose nail shape Square so your nails can look wider. For those of you who do not like long nails, choice Shape Round shape is very fitting for you. Choose an appropriate nail shape with the fingers of your hand so that your hands look more beautiful then make some simple easy nails designs on your nails then you will get a beautiful nails.