Nail Ideas Short Design

The women are so careful and pay attention to how to order their nails look beautiful and attractive. Because of its small shape and small functions that make most people forget to take care of this nails. Beautiful nails will add to the beauty of the finger. Nail decoration or nail color will make diverse beauty on your nails. How to care for your nails look so neat and attractive? Nail for each person may be different. Some women have strong nails but some other have brittle nails. Nails will become brittle when exposed to frequent soap, or detergent. To resolve this problem, apply a moisturizer to your nails so that the nails become stronger. This article will show you some of nail ideas short design. Please take a look.


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Beautiful nails would be clean. To clean the nails, can be done by soaking your nails in warm water mixed with lime juice. Soak hands or feet for about 15 minutes.  Warm water can make the skin around the nail becomes soft and easy to clean, especially on the outskirts of the nails that are often entered into dirt. Do not let the size of the nails that are too long.  It seems unkempt and untidy. Long nails also facilitate the entry of dirt and germs that may enter the body when we eat. But, do not also cut the nails too short can cause injury. Nail ideas short design in this article can make your nails more attractive.

One easy way to beautify and strengthen nails from the inside is to increase drinking water. Consumption of water helps to keep the nails are not dry. As for strengthening nails can be done by consuming foods that contain calcium or by drinking milk. Use the eraser with nail color and balanced. One way is to beautify your nails using nail color. This is going to make your nails look beautiful and attractive. However, using a nail color or nail polish for too long can make nail color changed to yellow. Likewise if you are too often use the wiper fluid nails or nail polish remover will remove the original color nail polish that makes your nails shiny and dry. To prevent this, you should not use nail polish at any time. Allow to rest for some time with no colored polish. When would remove nail color, use a cotton swab that has been soaked in nail polish remover is not used with way-rubbing rubbed on the nails, but enough with the swab once or twice. The less brushing can prevent dull colors on the nails. So, those are nail ideas short designs that can be inspiration for you.