Latest Handbag Trends 2013

As the supporting performances, the bag is a must-have accessory of a woman. No wonder the designer handbag world continue to create unique new creations every season. For this winter collection, inspired handbag models from fashion week world should you look for inspiration. So, what’s the latest trend handbag inspiration that you can make? These followings are latest handbag trends 2013 by some world fashion house. Please read the entire article.

1. Marc Jacobs


latest handbag trends


Carry retro impression that designers are also creative director of Louis Vuitton is not only present in fashion. But also in the bag is a classic round shape as latest handbag trends by Marc Jacobs.

2. Prada


latest handbag trends 2013


Italian fashion house Prada show big bag of vintage style. Semicircular bags are made with leather material looks luxurious. Prada also issued a bag made of wool with a classic tartan pattern as show in Milan.

3. Victoria Beckham


latest handbag trend 2013


Clutching a bag like this is a recent trend that brought Victoria Beckham. Medium-sized tote bag that comes in bright colors on display in her show at New York Fashion Week.

4. Tory Burch


latest handbag trend syle


Impression of luxury and urban present in the collection of Tory Burch clutch. This small clutch with chain more unique with the addition of fringe at the bottom.

5. Dolce & Gabbana


handbag trends 2013


In his show at the Milan Fashion Week, D & G label offers a rich collection of detail that looks glamorous and luxurious golden color dominated. Richly detailed collection also comes in a vintage-style purse this.

6. Chanel


latest handbag trend


Boxy-shaped clutch bag a touch of edgy by Karl Lagerfeld, designer of Chanel. The bag is inspired by the Lego game comes in a bright color or sequins plus iron material which makes it more unique.

The bag currently does not merely as an accessory for storing goods, but also as a fashion statement. When carrying a Chanel or Prada bag, a socialite must have pride. But to make a statement about who you really do not have to go through your brand tote bag. How do you carry these bags will also describe the character yourself. Bag is an accessory that a woman can not be taken lightly. Bags as accessories required a woman, even a bag can add the confidence of the wearer. Perform the following tips to keep you stylish with your bags: If the default is too heavy, the load in another bag so the weight is not only borne by one part of the body. Wash bag at least once every two weeks. Choose a bag with wide straps and it would be better if it had annulment in order to distribute the pressure on the shoulders. If you use a shoulder bag, periodically try to move them from one side to another to reduce the risk of pain in the joints and muscles. Choose a bag with a lightweight material, such as canvas, cotton or vinyl. After learning tips use a good bag, you can wear your latest handbag trends and buy another bag that is more diverse.