How To Do Cute Nails Easy

For women, the nail is one part that can not be ignored. Beauty and health of nails is one of the things that must be cared for, maintained, and optimized its beauty. How can treat themselves or to the salon. Care for, maintain, and decorate nails at home has its own challenges. Besides having extra careful, here you also should be able to decorate it as good as the results of treatment at the salon. This artcle will show you how to do cute nails easy at home and some the pictures of cute nails easy design that can be used as an example.


how to do nails easy



how to do cute nails easy



how to do cute nails step by step



how to do cute nails yourself



How to do cute nails easy? First, you should consider materials and tools for nail decoration. Materials to decorate the nails are legion. From the start of the tools and materials usual care until the ingredients are not unusual. What are they? Here is a list of required materials to decorate nails that you must have so that you can nail pretty and beautiful like from the salon. nail polish. Once your nails are cleaned of dirt and stains, you can decorate your nails using a nail polish company. Nail polish is available in a variety of colors. With nail polish, you can design motif image you want in your nails. Able to use a toothpick, nail striping (sort of sticker paper trimmer that form the image of lines to create a pattern on the nail line) dotting tool or equipment that is needed to make a pattern of dots on nails

Water release transfer paper can be used to decorate nails. The shape is a kind of nail decoration sticker containing a wide variety of images and shapes. How to use it in a way that is rubbed / pasted the first nail is polished nail polish. Gliter nail polish and nail decoration stones can also be used to beautify nails. This lightweight rocks can be affixed on top of the already polished nails nail polish. These rocks form and color may vary. Nail art bindis. Ie stone jewelry nail trimmer light that looks like a pendant-pendant necklace. Available in a variety of shapes and colors. How to use it to stay attached to the nail polish that has been given. Help glue can also be used. Nail fimos. Forms of decoration that is made of acrylic nails. The shape is a wide range, such as flowers, fruits, and others. Same way with the use of nail art bindis. Various shapes and sizes of brushes. Ie small size brush that serves to form a pattern, draw, or also attach decorations on the nails. Buffing block (bearing nail / hand). Ie place / bearing nail when the nail is being cleaned and decorated. Shiner (nail polisher). Namely abrasive polish that shines. Finisher / top coat. Clear nail polish that is usually used as a cover or falsifies the end of the nail that has been decorated. Nail polish remover. Ie nail polish removers. Can be used when polishing wrong or not in accordance with the desired. Now that some of the ingredients to decorate your nails a must-have. How, you are interested in menghiaskuku own or directly to the salon alone? All up to you. So, there are how to do cute nails easy by yourself.