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Haute couture fashion — Haute couture fashion show is identical to things that are unusual. But this one is successful collection in the spotlight because of her peculiarities. Iris van Herpen may not be as famous as Alexander McQueen. But her first haute couture work of fashion attract a lot of media attention and has been linked with McQueen collection because both are full of drama and extravagan. Iris van Herpen a 27-year-old designer from the Netherlands is awesome. Vogue writes that this is the work of Iris ‘love child’ between Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen. In addition, the site huffingtonpost describe this as a collection of fashion apparel foreign microscopic creatures. What kind of haute couture fashion circuit Iris van Herpen, you can enjoy some of haute couture collection of the Iris van Herpen spring 2012 haute couture collection below.


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In a collection of haute couturenya this time, Iris uses a lot of material. Starting from plastic, metal and rope. Examples include a white dress made of plastic. The form is wrapped around the entire part of this dress makes it look like an octopus. There is again a black mini dress that features a unique outcome. This time the outcome is a geometric shape. Artistic design Iris van Herpen work also utilizes glass, leather, whalebones and synthetic ropes ship with fracture and coloring effects that dwell in the dark regions of the spectrum such as brown, black, and gray are able to produce extraordinary visual effects. Vogue once wrote that the haute couture fashion collection from Iris van Herpen can be incorporated into the museum and called a work of art than clothes. Perhaps this is amazing haute couture dresses works of Iris van Herpen.


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This time, on the runway, Iris van Herpen was collaborated with United Nude in the provision of footwear. Shoes with wedge concept, named “Fang” has ten prominent fangs in each of footwear. Shoes made of carbon fiber and glass fiber is very admirable. A cool Haute Couture this year, a great artwork from Iris van Herpen — haute couture fashion.