Hairstyles For Teenage Guys Ideas

As a teenage guy, you also want to look handsome and fresh in front of everyone. This article could be an inspiration for you who are picking hair styles or models are suitable for boys. Following this recommendation hairstyles by face shape. If you’re chubby, choose hair styles that can give the impression of more oblong or oval face. Short haircuts can be very suitable for you that chubby. For example, the model spike or Fauxhawk. Essentially owners round faces should avoid hairstyles that expands the selection to the side of the head, for example, or frizzy and curly afro. These followings are hairstyles for teenage guys that can be chosen as your hairstyle.


hairstyles for teenage guys



hairstyles for teenage guys 2013



hairstyles for teenage guys with short hair



hairstyles for teenage guys with medium hair


For those of you who faced an oval (the most ideal face shape for you guys because it fits in with all the hair models), curly hairstyles, straight, long and short can be an option. Usually many are choosing semi long hair pieces and full length to make it look more macho. For the square shape face, you can choose semi long hair style or full length if you want to give a soft impression on your display. If you want a short haircut, cut the sides of your hair slightly curved so unimpressed face increasingly harsh and rigid. Owners should choose a diamond face hairstyles spring length or full length. Remember it, do not ever choose a short hair style that expands into the head section or even elevated tau. Owners face care, actually almost the same as the owner of a diamond face. But one thing that must be remembered that heart face shape tends to be more rounded, so a bit short haircut does not matter. So, already have decision to choose hairstyles for teenage guys?

While the haircut should be avoided owners triangular face shape is too thick long hair around the jaw and chin. The selection of this hairstyle will only make your face shape more pointed forward. So a little short haircuts suitable for you. Owner oval face shape is perfect for short hair. You can experiment with a variety of short hair styles with a variety of hair cutting styles also lhoo. avoid making long hair so yes, because it will make your face look more long form. That was based on face shape hair styles for guys, which could be a recommendation for you who are looking for a suitable hairstyle. so, there are hairstyles for teenage guys, now you can freely to choose which one that suitable for you.