Floral Skinny Jeans

Floral skinny jeans — Tired of the usual jeans trend? In the year 2012, some designers deliberately raised the theme / motif of this colorful flowers in a jeans or denim. Floral print evolve into a higher level. Not only look at the dress and shirt, flower pattern is also applied to the denim. As a result, floral denim gives new breath to the clothing and fashion trends likely to be women at this time. Floral denim wide range of options available with varying shades of variation. Starting from the lively style to a softer style. Here are some options for your floral skinny jeans.


floral skinny jeans


Most models it is perfect to wear skinny pencil jeans, especially if the material made from stretch. Floral denim model will still show a razor-slim, without giving the impression of a mess. The length of the calf-length denim, or just simply rolled several fold would fit perfectly with the feel of spring that is running. Still, always remember to use a floral classic denim-colored base, such as light blue, dark blue, or white.


floral jeans outfit




floral jeans topshop


For matching floral denim with the appropriate type of boss is sometimes a little difficult. However, this fact is not always true. By matching the right dress, floral jeans can be worn on different occasions the event. Pair your denim with a plain blouse. Better yet, wear tops that will lift the color of denim used more contrast. Floral denim can be worn to attend evening meetings or attendance office if paired with a white shirt, black blazer, and the right shoes, like stiletto ankle boots or black. For a more relaxed, matching T-shirt T-shirt or tank top shirt will also show the impression of style and the perfect feminine floral denim. The use of footwear in the form of sandals or flats will provide a classic look that flawless. Floral denim can also be worn by women with various types of body shapes. The main tip is to keep using the jeans with the size or model of the most frequently imposed. For a slightly curvy body, choose a small flower motif with a darker base color, while a larger size, body shape can be covered with a large flower motif, but not too crowded — floral skinny jeans.