The Most Expensive Wedding Dress

Synonymous with luxury, so the wedding dresses price is not cheap. Especially if you are world celebrities. Many celebrities are competing to show off their best time of the wedding dress. For the series of such expensive wedding dress, Kate Middleton wedding dress at the top of the list. Businessinsider and Forbes recently compiled a list of the most expensive wedding costs, including some expensive wedding dresses. Here are some summary of the most expensive wedding dress that worn by celebrities.


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1). Kate Middleton. Dress worn by Kate Middleton when she married Prince William is said to be the most expensive wedding dress in the world. Dress by Sarah Burton of the Alexander McQueen fashion house was valued at about U.S. $ 400,000. 2). Catherine Zeta-Jones. When married to Michael Douglas on 18 November 2000, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones wears a dress by French designer, Christian Lacroix. Dresses with a tail length of six feet or 183 cm was valued at U.S. $ 140,000. 3). Melania Knauss. The model is wearing a white dress from the Christian Dior when she married Donald Trump in 2005. This wedding dress is fabulous and made from Duchesse satin white weighs 50 pounds, and have 1,500 pearls, crystals and rhinestones. As the bride of a millionaire, no wonder if the Melania dress worth U.S. $ 125,000. This dress with a long train or tail 13 feet (396 cm) requires 91 yards of duchesse material to make a dress for Melania. And no wonder, this dress become one of most expensive wedding dress.


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4). Lady Diana. Lady Diana married Prince Charles in 1981. Dresses made from silk reportedly worth U.S. $ 115,000. Princess Diana’s dress worn at her wedding in 1981 was one of the most popular wedding dress in the world. Elegant dresses made of antique lace, silk and more than 10,000 pearls and sequins – was created by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. The royal couple divorced 16 years later, and Princess Diana died in 1997. 5). Victoria Beckham. Victoria Caroline Beckham is a pop singer, author, fashion designer and a British national. She is also a member of the musical group Spice Girls. She is married to football player David Beckham on July 4, 1999. When Victoria Adams married David Beckham, she wore a dress by Vera Wang. This white ivory wedding dress, valued U.S. $ 100,000 and become one of most expensive wedding dress.