Exotic Cross Tattoos Picture Ideas

On tattoos, actually there is a phenomenon of postmodern try to described, about something called the ‘shock at something old’. Tattooing has its own meaning, one of which is a marker of ritual and in some tribes, a marker for a particular status. Centuries later, tattoos become different trends. People do it as a form of fashion. Many people are vying to paint their body with tattoos that are beautiful and exotic. Symbols selected in accordance with the beliefs and desires. Symbol cross became one of the favorites for people who want to paint her body with tattoos. These followings in this article are some of exotic cross tattoos. Please take a look.


exotic cross tattoos



exotic cross tattoo



exotic cross tattoos ideas



exotic tattoos for girls


If we talk about exotic cross tattoos, we will talk about of history of tattoos first. Existence of body tattoss in the world culture is very old exists and can be found in every corner of the world. According to history, it turns out tattoo body has been made since 3000 years BC (before Christ). Tattoos are found for the first time on a mummy found in Egypt. And supposedly it was thought that makes the tattoo and then spread to the tribes in the world, including one Indian tribe in the United States and Polynesia in Asia, and then expand to all the tribes of the world one of the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Tattoos made as a symbol or marker, can give a sense of pride for the owner and a symbol of courage from the owner of the tattoo. Since the time of the first tattoos were made also has such a purpose. Tattoos believed to be a symbol of good fortune, social status, beauty, maturity, and self-esteem. There are various ways in making tattoos. Some use animal bones as needles like that can be found on the Eskimos, Dayak tribe with thorn trees orange, and some are using copper heat to print the dragon in the skin as can be found in China. Instead of being ill in the process of making tattoos. Actually, the pain must be experienced when making a tattoo on the body, but due to the high value of the tattoo, and self-esteem were obtained, then the pain is not considered a problem. There are different types and different forms of tattoo, depending on what is believed by the tribes concerned, and in every region generally have different perceptions vary about the tattoos, although in principle similar, include exotic cross tattoos.