Easy Nnique Nail Designs Art

Nail art has become a trend for the women, it also can be found nail art salon. But it turns out it was not as hard as nails decorate it pretty. We can try at home to pass the time when you’re relaxed. And here is the interesting tips for you who are just starting to try to make nail art. First, making the easiest decorations, such as polka dots or make a line formed with a toothpick. From the easy thing you’ll get used to it and can evolve to make other art. Here, these followings are easy unique nail designs pictures that can be such an inspiration for you.


easy unique nail art



easy unique nail designs art



easy unique nail designs art



easy unique nail designs


Before starting to make easy unique nail designs on your nails, try drawing the design you want to use in the paper to get our hands. From there we will be able to see what parts are needed or that will trick the most difficult in the picture on the nail. Try to put a unique nail sticker on the nails. Besides being easy to apply, you can choose nail stickers are cute and in a flash your nails will be gorgeous. Do not forget to add a clear coat nail polish to strengthen the nail stickers attached. With insulating tape, you can create lines or separate the two colors in one nail with insulating tape is limited by this. The trick, scissors and tape insulation above the line shape your nails then color part covered with insulating tape puff paint. Unplug insulating tape if the nail polish is dry.

Use a base coat of paint every time you apply the polish. Base coat is a vitamin that will protect the nail from the nail polish and strengthen it. Wait until dry, and then apply nail polish according to your favorite color. Let dry completely before you apply the next layer. This will make your nail polish last longer. If you want durability or strength of your nails stay awake, you should begin to avoid using nails as tools to open cans of soda or other open items. Not only that, avoid all the nail biting habit when she was broken. To learn more techniques in nail art, you can try to find a tutorial on Youtube or other sites. Many women have tried the step-by-step tutorial there. Keep trying and practicing easy unique nail designs.