Design Wedding Dress 2013

You’re setting up a wedding dress? If you have more budget, you can design your own dream wedding dress. But if you do not want to be bothered of course you need a designer for ideas for your dream dress, here are some tips for you: Find someone who can help design your wedding dress. Previously seen first example of a design that has been made. If you had family or relatives who are good at designing clothes, may also be an option to design the wedding dress. Take time enough to chat with your designer clothes. You can discuss fashion collection, etc. Since the beginning, remind designers to consistently follow a schedule to meet you and make the design wedding dress.


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Record all details design wedding dress discussed with your designer dress. If indeed there are expenses, do not forget to note also that at the time of payment to avoid misunderstandings later. Once everything is agreed, start sharing your ideas to the designer. In making a party dress, consider the wedding theme and location. To add a reference, can be seen the magazines or wedding site. Wedding dress stores or boutiques can also be an additional idea. Choose a party dress design that accentuates your body shape excess. A professional designer should be able to recommend what is the appropriate design for his clients. Of course you also have to be comfortable with the dress / party dress product.

If you wanted to design her own wedding dress design in general can be divided by 2 is structural design and decorative design. Design of the structure is also called the silhouette of fashion clothing. Silhouette is the outline of a garment, without the parts or details like pleated, wrinkle, seam, and others coup. However, if these details are found in the design of the structure was just a natural function. Based on the lines used, the silhouette can be divided into several sections which are shown in the form of letters (A, Y, I, S, L and T silhouette, ). Decorative Design, the dress has a goal to add to the beauty of the design of the structure or silhouette. Ornate designs can be a collar, pockets, lace, embroidery, decorative buttons, bus and others. Ornate designs must meet the following conditions, namely: Ornaments should be used on a limited basis or not excessive. Location of decoration should be adjusted to the shape of the structure. Enough space for the background, which gives effect to the simplicity and beauty of the design. Background shape should be studied carefully and equally beautiful with placement patterns on the object. Decoration design wedding dress should match the structure and design of materials in accordance with how they are maintained.