Dark Hair With Eggplant Highlights

Believe it or not, the haircut is not the only thing that is important to look trendy, but also the selection of appropriate color can change the appearance. So, What is the hair color trend in 2013? Choosing a hair color / hair dye for women should be done with caution, because if you did not, your appearance may not maximal. For the women, who love style and always follow the fashion trend, it is certainly not strange for coloring hair. In addition to choosing hair color / hair dye according to the appearance, in changing your hair style also need to consider the type of dye that will be used. So that there are no long-term effects that harm for your health. These followings are dark hair with eggplant highlights pictures.


dark hair with eggplant highlights



dark hair with eggplant highlight



dark hair eggplant highlight



dark hair eggplant highlights



dark hair with eggplant high lights


You can do the staining yourself at home or in the salon. Include for dark hair with eggplant highlights. But often confusion comes when choosing colors for hair. In effect, the wrong hair color. Indeed, it’s easy to choose the right hair color, may be good for you but when applied it looks weird. Actually a lot of things to consider. Start of whether the face look tired with bags black eyes? Does not seem healthy skin or pale? Believe it or not, these questions are very relevant if you’re confused determine the right hair color. Here’s a way that makes you choose the hair color. First, equip not match. The most fundamental thing is do not try to match, but complementary. For example, if your skin has a tendency somewhat pink or reddish, do not dye your hair with red color. Instead, add color to soften the skin color. If the color of your skin is a little pale, do not color it with gold or copper color. Try other colors are brighter and richer to give a soft effect on the yellowish skin color. Do not set too fast, choose the right color for hair color varieties are numerous, and can complement each different skin color.

Note the complexity of skin color. Bored with black hair color, skin to the warm colors match hair color dark brown and burgundy. If you have not dared overall hair color, try starting with giving highlights accent. Choose a color slightly darker or lighter than the natural hair color. In this article you will see some inspiring hair styles that were dark purple highlights. Choosing the dye before you choose hair color / hair dye is a step that needs to be done. If you are not used to color your hair yourself, you can do it at the salon. But if you will be doing yourself, use a safe dye. You can choose the color of salon-quality hair for example. Or buy dyes from qualified cosmetic products to get great dark hair with eggplant highlights.