Country Style Weddings Ideas

For those of you who love the country style, you can make your wedding style with country style. Start of knick knacks wedding including wedding dresses and accessories to wedding invitations that elegant and casual as country style.  To obtain your dream country wedding, here are some guidelines that should be tested for country style weddings.


country style weddings



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country style wedding


Wedding Dresses and Accessories. The country style weddings dress will usually display a clean, and intricate details dress. You can choose the dress style vintage or rustic. For materials, usually dresses country avoid shiny materials and modern pieces. Generally, country-style wedding dress will show white or ivory entirely coupled with decorative beads and lace simple. Accessories for the bride to reinforce the impression of the country such as pearl necklaces and earrings. You also can use as your wedding boots or cowboy hats are interesting. Similarly, for the groom. Cowboy hat, vest and boots will add a thick atmosphere of the country. As for the hair, brides ‘country’ is usually performed with a simple bun of hair on the head are sometimes decorated with simple hair or pearl hairpins. Hair or just simply broken down. For make-up, country-style bride should choose a natural color impression clean, timeless and elegant.


country style weddings decorations



country style weddings ideas



country style wedding ideas

Cathedral Peak Hotel, Drakensberg, South Africa


For couples who love the country style bride, should choose the wedding decorations are predominantly white or pastel colors are soft. With a combination of ribbons, tulle and flower types gracefully shaped country simple as lily and thousands of white rose petals scattered along the aisle, then decorating the wedding hall will display an elegant country style. The selection of the wedding hall or the exact location can also support the country style, say you choose a wedding venue in the hills or the country club. Or for those of you who have more budget you can hold your wedding ceremony in the Cathedral Peak Hotel, Drakensberg, South Africa. A country-style wedding with mountain views that can make your heart beat is what is offered by the Cathedral Peak Hotel in the Drakensberg. With a backdrop of mountains Cathedral Peak, the hotel offers beautiful scenery, warm hospitality, beautiful gardens, quaint stone and thatch chapel and memories that will stay alive all the time. It suits for your country style weddings.