Cool Gel Nail Designs Trend

How to make an appearance to make it look more attractive can be done by applying nail polish. Currently, a lot of type of nail polish available in stores, from the glitter nail polish to gel nail polish. Nowadays, gel nail polish becoming a trend. This is such manicure using gel nail color that promises many advantages. It dry fast and last up to three weeks without clumping. Gel nail polish is a new breakthrough in the world of manicure and pedicure. Your nails will be painted using nail polish made of gel. After that, in the fingers that have been in the paint will be illuminated by UV to produce a durable glossy colors. Its irradiation process also takes only 30 seconds. These followings are some of cool gel nail designs that can make your nails become more beautiful.



cool gel nail designs



gel nail designs for summer



gel nail designs with glitter



gel nail designs pictures


Ordinary UV gel nail extension is applied for, its use is still very rare and usually only nail art and salon professionals who use the UV gel. If used for nail extensions or cool gel nail designs, UV gel has many advantages in comparison with acrylic powder and monomer, which is a natural result, thin, light and shiny, does not turn yellow after a few days of use and flexible, and the smell is not too overpowering. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively expensive, and its use should also be with UV Lamp for UV drying gel that has been applied to the nail, and the bias is not used to make 3D decoration.

Before applying nail gels have clean hands and apply moisturizer to the cuticle to mendoronya. Nail gel is not made to apply them on the skin. The result should be applied over the nail. Once the nails are cleaned and nails and cuticle trimming, the next step is to use a base coat. You have to use a base coat as neat as possible. Because nail polish base coat will stick to follow. After that, a new applied two coats of nail polish and a top coat. For the final results will be long lasting nail UV irradiated. Gel nail advantages besides fast and durable. Can make your nails strong and it will not damage the paint nails like other nails. Your cool gel nail designs are under a layer of gel will remain healthy and protected.