Convertible Wedding Dress, Be Stylish in 2 in 1 Dresses

Getting married is a dream for every person. Marriage is precious moments in people’s lives. It has become commonplace, at all weddings, the brides always expect the best to celebrate their happiness. One of the things that used to be a heavy consideration is the selection of a wedding dress for the ceremony at the church and at the wedding reception. There are various ways for brides to choose a wedding dress. Wedding dress design are manifold. Bride and groom just have to think of the concept and theme of the event is planned. You can choose the vintage concept, luxury or modern style, all up to you. One of wedding dress designs that you can choose is convertible wedding dress.


convertible wedding dress long to short



convertible wedding dress



2 in 1 convertible wedding dresses



convertible wedding dress 2013



convertible wedding dresses detachable skirts



convertible wedding dresses


Convertible wedding dress is a bridal dress with two or three designs in one wedding dress. There’s some of style of this convertible wedding dress. One is the long wedding dress with extra skirt (made from tulle or silk) that can be removed. During a ceremony at the church, extra skirts can be used. At the reception, you can take off your wedding dress skirt and all that remains is beautiful and sexy short dress. There is also a convertible wedding dress where additional clothing such as covered tops (a type of long coat) that can be removed. At the reception you can take off your extra tops and wearing a long strapless dress that elegant and charming.

Before buying a wedding dress, it should adjust to the concept of a planned wedding. Adjust concept with the concept of the wedding dress. If you want a ‘design’ your own customized shirt, find the tailor to meet your demand. Take the time to get ideas on bridal boutiques selling clothes and in bridal magazines. You also have to adjust the concept of clothes with your ‘budget’. Therefore, the convertible wedding dress is very suitable for those of you who do have a limited budget for buying two wedding dress for the ceremony in the church and for the reception. With convertible wedding dress you can save your money and you can be stylish at two kind of wedding dress just in one wedding dress; convertible wedding dress.