Converse High Heels Sneaker, Cool and Trendy

Sneaker heels is a kind of high-heeled shoes are very suitable to be chosen by you who prefer shoes sneaker models other than the shoe model. You would already know that this shoe is a sneaker that is made a little different as it comes with the right to a different high. Of course, this kind of shoes is a type of shoe that is quite multi-functional because it can be used to attend a variety of events, ranging from casual to formal to a considerable level. Given these shoes, you do not need to force yourself to wear heels with the other models, which really is not that you like. You only have to choose this kind of shoes, pliers model is quite similar to sneaker collection that you have, it’s just that there are rights that make these shoes become more beautiful. Converse, as one of the leading shoe manufacturers saw this opportunity and issued a sneaker heels collections. Here are some of cool converse high heels sneaker that can be your stylish shoes.


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Actually, sneaker heels are not only available in one kind only. There are several types of these shoes you can find in today’s times. The first type is the usual kind, ie with high-heeled sneakers. Of course, there are some well-known sneaker brand such as Converse which not only producing sneakers with excellent quality, but also with the right kind of this sneaker. In addition, several world-renowned shoe designers are also known to create shoes with this model. The second type is the type of sneaker wedges. If the type of the previous ones have privileges to pointy or conical shape, this kind of shoes one more flat on the right. Just like the previous type, high heels on this one is also produced by some famous brands, such as Converse. If you are not comfortable using pointy heels, wedges shoes of course as this would be more convenient for you to use. It’s all to you to choose which one converse high heels sneaker that suitable for your wish.

Sneaker heels is actually a type of shoe that is easy enough for matching combined with a variety of fashion items and clothing. For instance, if you want to go to a party that is quite formal, you can combine this with body shoe fit lace dress with a dark material or color which matches the color of shoes that you will use. In a casual event, there must be a solid match baynak styles that you can choose to use this shoe. You can combine these shoes with skinny jeans or shorts made of jeans, cropped tee, and also some accessories that will add to the perfection of your casual look in converse high heels sneaker.