Clutch Bag Trends 2013

Clutch can be found in a variety of beautiful designs and styles according to taste. Ranging from classic clutch, clutch reptile skin, faux jeweled satin clutch, clutch for evening with beads, and a clutch made of paper with no less art creation with the bags are expensive. To model the clutch consists of a rectangular shape is classic, boxy shape, or a round. The size is also diverse. So many kind of bags you may be confused as to which one must choose. Even now there is a transparent clutch. Transparent clutch become one of women celebrity accessories lately. Ranging from geometric shapes, neon colors and translucent plastic chain clutch to accompany those women celebrity when attend the red carpet event or gala dinner.


clutch bag trends 2013


Of the many designs, clutch from Chanel and Charlotte Olympia became celebrities subscription. Following several female celebrities who wear the clutch while attending an event. Here are some celebrity wearing transparent clutch bag which become clutch bag trends this year.

1. Bella Thorne


clutch bag trends


Attended the Kid’s Choice Awards, 15-year-old Disney actress chose a transparent box-shaped clutch bag neon green to give the impression of an energetic and fresh. She looks so more attractive with this clutch bag trends.

2. Elisabeth Moss


transparent clutch bag


Shown with a simple black dress with draping detail and a slim V parts, making the movie player series “Mad Men” choose invisibility without chain clutch yet luxurious with a touch knob spider.

3. Olivia Palermo


clutch trends


As an American socialite and actress, a beautiful woman who grew up in the Upper East Side’s elite settled on a luxurious touch of Charlotte Olympia. Unique lotus-shaped knob deemed fit to enhance your appearance.

4. Solange Knowles


clutch trends 2013


Orange is the color you want is shown by the Afro-American singer. She cleverly blurring the overall theme of the orange color of the nails, lipstick and clutch. Plain white T-shirt and Bermuda shorts became soft patterned elements to focus attention on the color orange dominates.

5. Elle Fanning


transparent clutch


Dakota Fanning’s younger sister who always looks effortless, this time choosing clutch from Chanel which have perfume bottle shaped. Without the chain, this clutch is stealing the attention.

There are some tips in choosing a clutch. When buying a clutch, you need to buy a clutch for a variety of situations. A very small clutch perfect for formal events while the envelope-shaped clutch with a larger and large clutch suitable for everyday use. When carrying the clutch, plan what you will bring. Clutch is filled too full to take my eyes off the beautiful dress to clutch bloated. If you want to carry a lot of stuff, better choose a bigger handbag than clutch bag as your clutch bag trends.