Chest And Side Tattoos Style

Several years ago, maybe the tattoo is still regarded as the identity of the punk or even the identity of the criminal. But now we can not deny that the tattoo has turned into an accessory and part of the lifestyle, so the tattoo is starting to be considered as a matter of course, and reasonable. But despite a lot of people who wear tattoos, little is known about the tattoo and its equipment. Here is some information related to the history of tattoos and some pictures of awesome chest and side tattoos.



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chest and side tattoo



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If we see chest and side tattoos in this article, we should know about the history of tattoos. Tattoos oldest in the human body was first discovered in mummies dating back some 5,300 years. According to current research, the human tattoo needles and rocks, to ‘rip’ a layer of skin and ink entering. Become an expert professional tattoo is not easy. Every professional tattoo artist, had prepared to do training for years. Even in the first year is usually the professional tattoo artist is not allowed to hold the tool, just learn to clean his tools only. However, because of the lack of oversight and regulation. Lots of people without competence buy tattoo equipment and opened a tattoo studio. This is noteworthy, because in addition to causing harm to people who wear tattoos, it is also harmful to the tattoo artist, who can catch the disease from its customers.

Skin is not an easy medium for ink to be put into. It is easy to enter tattoo ink into the layers of skin. But each person has vary skin thickness. Hence the importance of training for years for tattoo artists, so that they can learn about various skin conditions, wounds post-tattoo and so on. There was also a man who can be allergic to the ink and tattoo equipment, and these allergies can last long enough in the skin. It is therefore important for us to ascertain whether we are allergic to certain types of ink before installing a tattoo. Sun makes tattoos fade quickly. One of the easiest ways to remove tattoos is to allow yourself to bask during the day. Ultra violet rays of the sun can make tattoos fade quickly. Tattoos can also use a flame in the dark ink. As for the position of tattooing, can actually be done anywhere. In fact there are some men who put the tattoo. Do not drink alcohol before installing a tattoo. Drinking alcohol makes your blood curdle, and if at that time you put a tattoo, then bleeding can occur at any time. Blood comes out when the tattoo is also more and more and disrupt the tattoo artist when they has tattooing your body with chest and side tattoos.