Celtic Some Of Wedding Dresses

White is often regarded as purity color. No wonder that so many brides are choosing a white wedding dress. The white color is believed to represent the intentions of the bride and the sanctity of the sacred promise to be pronounced. Marriage is one of the very sacred event in human life, in addition to the birth and death. In every culture, marriage always held with a “festive” celebrations and full of symbolic things. The traditional cultural symbols and then gives variations on the fashion and bridal jewelry. Color and shape motif, is one of the many things that is often used as a symbol, which is attached by a variety of meanings. Including the bride celtic or medieval wedding dresses that use blue as the color symbol of purity. These are celtic some of wedding dresses pictures.


vintage celtic wedding dresses



celtic wedding dresses



medieval celtic wedding dresses



modern celtic wedding dresses


But now, celtic wedding dresses should not be in blue color. Celtic wedding dress white colors are also much in vogue. This wedding dress is very thick with medieval elements. This dress has long sleeves like a trumpet and distinctive robes. Exotic corset that also characterizes celtic wedding dress. In medieval times, the color of wedding dress is used as a marker of social status. But at this time is not a wedding dress color marker of social status, but a characteristic marker of the bride, like: White: brides are choosing colored wedding dress is white, the bride wants a wedding that was filled with the sacred sanctity of the event. Black and gold: the bride chose black and gold colored dress, accentuating the elegance and glamor of a pair of lovers in a sacred event, this colored clothing usually worn by state officials to lavish weddings, but many also use a black colored suit on the groom, the hope of a bride groom who can lead the family with dignity and wisdom. Blue, Green, Yellow (other than white, black and gold): brides who choose the color, usually indicates bride on her wedding cheer, and hope marriage will always bring a smile and happiness.

Marriage is a sacred event practically mandatory for man, every person wants marriage to be a marriage that is never forgotten life. So many people are married to a variety of different knick knacks party. Likewise with the wedding dress, the bride needs to choose the color that will be used in the wedding party, as on today, the color on the wedding dress is a symbol of the marriage ceremony. Well, now you can choose celtic wedding dresses that you like.