BCBG Shoes Wedges For Beautiful Women

Women wedges shoes is a shoe that has a typical on its heels. In the women’s wedges shoes, its heels flare in back and wide in front. Wedges shoes also have a flat from front end to back end. The heels make those wedges shoes being comfortable and safe to wear. With a wide range of models and colors, women’s shoes wedges can be used to mix and match with your favorite clothes or dress. Women wedges shoes suitable for a leisurely walk or to entertainment venues. Here are some of wedges shoes from BCBG Max Azria. These BCBG shoes wedges are cool and trendy. Please take a look.

Wedges are one of shoes to boost performance for women. Including BCBG shoes wedges. Besides being able to make a confident appearance because it looks high, wedges shoes is also more convenient to use than the high-heeled shoes such as high heels, stilettos, and others. Position soles of shoes make your feet touch the ground altogether more stable to support the body, but sometimes women feel wrong in choosing wedges because they do not conform to the shape of the foot. Here are tips on choosing wedges that conform to the shape of your foot: a foot long solid shape, the shape of the foot as the foot is considered the ideal shape for women. For the shape of the foot like this should be using wedges with at least 3 cm high. Because the shape is ideal, do not need to provide too much touch that can make the odd appearance later.


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bcbg wedges shoes



bcbg wedges sandal


For long legs, should choose wedges heels which not too wide, because it will be able to make you look weird. Choose wedges with a medium size corresponding to the size of the foot, and if necessary, choose a small strappy wedges that can add to the sexiness of your legs. Short legs solid form, such as the shape of the foot sometimes make women feel confident with her appearance, but it can be minimized by selecting wedges that have 5 cm high and with a bright color display. Bright colors make you look more attractive and if you need to choose the type of open toes wedges shoes, wedges like this kind provide an attractive appearance when used for showing your toes. Short form slender legs, legs form like this is not difficult to choose the type of wedges because any shape and color will look good when used. But be careful, choose wedges with a height of at least 5 cm, and for women who have legs like these only focus in order to appear taller without worrying about other factors.

A purpose of interest here is based on motifs, colors and shapes that look good. While the match we mean here is to buy shoes based on your foot shape conformity. Women should begin to be aware and learn how to choose appropriate shoes shape its leg. Although all shoes have the functionality to provide comfort for women, but not necessarily a shoe that will be comfortable as well for other women. This is because the shape of the human foot is different. For wedges shoes, shoes of this type can be used for all forms of foot, whether it is short-legged and long-legged. It’s just for who have short legs you should choose this type of shoe wedges with a short cover or only cover the toes only. While for you who has long legs can choose to cover the full BCBG shoes wedges or strappy-straps.