BCBG Jelly Sandals, Casual And Trendy

Sandals is one of the models of footwear that is open at the toe or heel of the wearer. Parts of footwear (soles) connected by a rope or a belt that serves as a brace (brace) in the toe, instep, ankle or sandals that can not be separated from the foot of the wearer. Sandals with cover on the back and fingers, but open at the heel and ankle are called slippers. Origin of the word sandal is Sandalion (Greek) is absorbed into Latin (sandalium), French (Sandale), and so on. Barefoot sandals originated from the Ancient Greeks and Romans. At that time, the soles made of cork, while the cover is made of leather combined with the base by way of suturing. Left open toe, and comes with a belt or rope that can not be separated from the foot of the wearer. In its development, the Catholic priest wearing socks with sandals called embroidery. There’s a lot of brand that launched sandals, one of them is BCBG Max Azria. Here are the collections of BCBG jelly sandals.

Sandal is one of the things that support the appearance to make it look neat and beautiful, but in choosing sandals sometimes we just look at the model alone, without knowing good or bad for the health of our feet. There are various types of sandals. One of them is the jelly sandals. Fever of jelly sandals/ plastic sandals swept the youth anyone you want peep shoes and how to review the picture, consider this article. Jelly sandals usually have a selection of shoes that are more catchy colors and bold, such as light green, turquoise, fuchsia and more elegant neutral colors such as nude or black color with a blend of white. Trend models is actually rife and booming in the 80s, but who would have thought in the year 2012 sandals jelly is fit once in the life of women who want to look trendy. Comes with a wide range of shoes that a more diverse selection of colors and styles. A wide range of famous brands are also now beginning to launch his own collection of jellies namely BCBG Max Azria through its BCBG jelly sandals- BBCGeneration.


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Usually flat jelly sandals women give the impression of casual, and usually worn for casual events or attending a themed party casual and semi-formal. Flat jelly sandals women combined with a t-shirt and short skirt is an example of a casual look when you will go for a walk. Jelly sandals are the footwear that is appropriate to accompany vacation to a tropical country. Yes, sandals go well with casual clothing for the beach or the streets in the daytime. There are several types of footwear is not good for the health of the first high-heeled shoes or high heels, these shoes will put the feet pointing down and make the body weight rests to the ball of the foot, resulting posture changes and pressure on the knees and hips. For us the most comfortable footwear sandals are but the fingers were clamped puts strain on the connective consequently trigger finger pain in the arch of the foot. Therefore we must be more careful in choosing footwear. Tips to choose footwear that is good for your health if you try to buy the best shoes in the afternoon because feet during the afternoon we’re having a maximum width. So, let’s fun with jelly sandals especially in BCBG jelly sandals.